[Koha] self-checkout

Roger Horne roger at hrothgar.co.uk
Fri Sep 7 22:54:26 NZST 2007

Severl times over the last few months the subject of self-checkout has been 
mentioned on this list: and then everything has gone deathly quiet.

Since a number of the developers apparently work for Liblime I find this odd. 
The advert for that company's Koha Classic states that it has a self-checkout 

Self Checkout
Give your patrons privacy and convenience with Koha Classic's Self Checkout 
module. Self checkout frees up staff to focus on the library's other core 
services, like reference and readers' advisory
Since Koha's self-checkout system is PC-based, it will operate on a standard 
PC using a combo of keyboard/scanner and mouse/touchscreen-monitor. There's 
no need to purchase and maintain expensive third-party hardware or deal with 
a proprietary client interface. Like all of Koha's interfaces, self-checkout 
relies on Web standards and can be accessed using any Web browser. 


When will this be added to the PD version of Koha?

Roger Horne
roger at hrothgar.co.uk

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