[Koha] Biblio reecord import

José Miguel Parrella Romero joseparrella at gmail.com
Thu Nov 15 01:59:31 NZDT 2007

El 13/11/07 20:59, Rick Welykochy escribió:
> I need to import those into Koha. I think it best to write a script
> or modify an existing one to do the job in the shell.

I've recently imported several thousand records from CSV by building
MARC records from them and then using bulkmarcimport.pl. This script
knows which tables to fill (there's also the marc* namespace, which
needs to be filled in order to improve searching, I think) and you won't
need to worry about those details.

I wrote a small script called csv2marc.pl, which will parse your CSV
file and output MARC records based on the mappings you define at the
file. Please check it for typos, since I had to scrub it for private
data. Basically you define mappings for each item type (maybe you have
different CSV files for each item type) and run it as commented inside
the script.

The resulting out.dat can be imported into Koha using bulkmarcimport.pl
exporting PERL5LIB (see the Apache configuration for Koha) and running
bulkmarcimport.pl -f out.dat (look at the bulkmarcimport.pl
documentation for special needs)

I really hope this helps,
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