[Koha] how to display editon statement, corporate and meeting as main entry in opac

dpl at dpl.gov.in dpl at dpl.gov.in
Wed Mar 28 16:30:33 NZST 2007

Hallo sir,
 I have installed koha.2.2.7 on window os for testing when I am entering
data in marc edit as
1. tag 260  edition
2. tag 110  Corporate author as Main entry
3. tag 111  meetings as Main entry
4. tag 245c statement of responsibility

the above information is not displaying in opac why and there is no koha
link for above tag in either biblio table or biblioitems or items table. 
wheathe we can add fields in biblio table or biblioitems for storing and
link in koha table to display above information in opac.
If is possible to add and link to koha how anybody can help

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