[Koha] Translation of the interface in Bulgarian

Han, Yan hany at u.library.arizona.edu
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Who will generate the template files from .po file? How long will this



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On 26/03/2007, at 10:57 PM, Radoslav Kolev wrote:

> Hello!
> I'm planning to translate the Koha interface (OPAC and later
> intranet) in Bulgarian.
> I have made some successful tests with .po files generated by the 
> scripts provided with Koha.
> My question is what is the preferred way for translation now.  I saw 
> on this list that there's a web based interface at 
> http://translate.koha.org.  Should I use it instead of a desktop po 
> editor?
> Also which version should I use?  I'll work on the 2.2 branch, so I 
> guess 2.2.8.
Hi Radoslav

You can use your desktop editor then we can upload the .po file into
translate.koha.org The nice thing with translate.koha.org is that once
we have the po files there it can automatically generate templates in
those languages to be included in the next release.


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