[Koha] installation of Koha on SuSE/SLES 10

Wojciech Zatorski wojciech at zatorski.net
Tue Mar 13 07:09:48 NZDT 2007

Hello Kiyoshi,

Monday, March 12, 2007, 5:31:36 PM, you wrote:

KS> Is anyone running Koha on SuSE? I would like to try Koha but our
KS> standard Linux is SuSE. I saw a couple of posting about the problem of
KS> installing Koha on SuSE on the list archive. I would like to know if
KS> Koha runs fine on SuSE.

working fine on SUSE 10.0, PLD, Debian, Cygwin (Windows XP;)) and others
distro without problems.

The Main Library of Szczecin University.
Computerization Department.

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