[Koha] Issue with Install - YAZ

Shawn E. Romine seromine at co.douglas.or.us
Sat Mar 17 07:53:01 NZDT 2007

We are a public library looking into the use of Koha with an eye towards
possibly receiving a grant to do some further research.  I am trying to
install KOHA use the pel installer and having problems with the
dependencies.  Specifically, when I try to install Zoom perl module I
receive the following error:
*** ERROR!
ZOOM-Perl requires at least version 2.1.50 of YAZ,
but is currently you only have version 2.0.30.

I have done the apt-get install libyaz-dev and did add the following
into the apt configure file:
# for Yaz Toolkit
deb http://ftp.indexdata.dk/debian indexdata/sarge released
deb-src http://ftp.indexdata.dk/debian indexdata/sarge released

I actually think the issue is that I am trying to install on an Alpha
server and I need alpha packages.  I believe the ftp.indexdata.dk/debian
only has the i386 packages.  Could somebody verify if this is correct
and possibly point me into the right direction?  

Shawn Romine
Library Computer Support Tech
Douglas County Library System
1409 NE Diamond Lake Blvd.
Roseburg, OR 97470
541-440-4228 phone
541-957-7798 fax
seromine at co.douglas.or.us

<mailto:seromine at co.douglas.or.us>  


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