[Koha] About the Koha name (and koha.org.ve)

José Miguel Parrella Romero joseparrella at gmail.com
Sat Mar 17 04:30:27 NZDT 2007

MJ Ray escribió:
> These worry me: do I understand that you plan to use Koha's name to
> promote non-Koha library software?  I'm unhappy with that.  Please try
> not to confuse prospective users any more than necessary.  Maybe you
> want to be running something like fosslib.org.ve as well as
> koha.org.ve?

Great, then. We'll host only Koha-related stuff in koha.org.ve 
(hopefully becoming someday a sub-site of koha.org) and we'll setup 
other software in a different namespace (they might be in the same 
server, though, the sponsor would not like to buy another one)


Starting today, we've setup a spanish mailing list in 
koha-usuarios at koha.org.ve. I'll be writing in private to those of you 
spanish-speakers which were interested in the idea. Thank you very much 
for your time and contribution to Koha.

Feel free to join:


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