[Koha] Creating a Japanese Library System

Jeff Yamamoto jeffya at yumisa.com
Wed Mar 14 09:45:14 NZDT 2007

I'm very new with Koha (and library cataloging for that matter) so please
excuse my newbie questions.

I'm helping a Japanese school in Canada setup a electronic library
cataloging system and was considering using Koha since it's budget friendly
and has a well established community.

The school has about 4000 Japanese children's books and videos which needs
to be catalogued and maintained by Koha.
My questions:

   - Some of the books are very old but most have an ISBN number. Where
   can I download the book information so I don't have to manually input the
   info for each of the books/videos/etc.
   - Has Koha ever been deployed in a Japanese library? I've installed
   Koha on XP and Japanese characters can be inputted and displayed but will it
   search properly with Japanese characters?
   - Are there any "skins" or templates that simplifies or customizes the
   Koha GUI?
   - I'm assuming you can use a barcode scanner during check in/out of
   the books but are there any recommended bar code scanners in the market?

Thanks in advance.

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