[Koha] overlay records - Using MarcEdit

Chris Cormack chris at katipo.co.nz
Sat Mar 10 11:36:35 NZDT 2007

Jason Ronallo wrote:
> What I'm wondering is if I have a record for an item in the system
> already, can I edit the record outside of Koha and then overlay my
> edited record over top of the one already in the system.  I'm
> particularly wondering about this for batch editing and global
> changes. If this is possible with bulkmarcimport.pl, what is matched
> on to decide what record gets overlayed?  Many of the books I'm
> cataloging are too old to have ISBN/ISSN/LCCN.
Hi Jason

Yep that feature has just been written for the Kapiti District Libraries 
  here in NZ. Its in acceptance testing at the moment. But how it works 
is you load your edited record into the reservior, then go to 
cataloging, search for the record, you will find the catalogue copy and 
your reservior copy. You can then choose to merge them, which gives you 
a screen where you can choose the fields you want. Here are some screen 
shots which illustrate better.


I have just added a feature which lets you select all of the reservoir 
record so you can do a replace of everything easy.

So it doesnt allow for batch editing, you would need to edit 
bulkmarcimport to do taht yourself, or better yet write a new one. But 
it does allow for safely updating a MARC record with another one, 
without trashing any local data.


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