[Koha] Re: Thanks A lot...Mr Ata...

Ata ur Rehman ata.rehman at gmail.com
Wed Mar 7 00:36:50 NZDT 2007

Dear Prasetyo

I am using Koha on windows platform and for this purpose i try to get
information from http://koha.rwjr.com/ This is the best place to find
info about Koha on Windows.  so if you are using Windows then start
from this link:



On 3/6/07, wahyu prasetyo <wapdoang at yahoo.co.id> wrote:
> Dear Mr. Ata..
> Thanks for info...
> ones again i want to disturb you..:)
> Can you give me the complete configuration about koha..I mean..for example
> system preferences>intranet or scripts that i can use to change the
> intranet's interface...
> and how can i use Spin and barcode generator in koha's system admin?
> thank u so much
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