[Koha] More than one installation on one server

Dan Foote - DTS dfoote at dantech-services.com
Mon Mar 5 08:09:40 NZDT 2007

Here's what I get in the error logs (either Koha or Opac):
read_config_file(/etc/koha.conf) returned undef at 
/usr/lib/perl5/5.8.7/C4/Context.pm line 229.

This is after I have the following in the httpd include file:
    SetEnv KOHA_CONF /etc/koha-2.conf

And my export of:
    export KOHA_CONF=/etc/koha-httpd-2.conf

With my original post, I'd SetEnv to KOHA_2_CONF and added that to the 
Context.pm file for that site with the koha-2.conf path. I even went as 
far as changing the "use C4:Context ("/etc/koha-2.conf"); " statement 
into the *.pm files of modules/C4.

I've now reverted to what you've suggested and I still get the above 
error that points to the /etc/koha.conf file of the first installation. 

*Dan Foote* *
* <http://www.dantech-services.com/>

Chris Cormack wrote:
> On Sat, Mar 03, 2007 at 05:37:31PM -0900, Dan Foote - DTS said:
>> Can somebody please give me some information on how to go about putting
>> more than one Koha site on the same server? <br>
>> <br>
>> I do have an installation up and running. I created a second
>> installation using different ports for both the intranet and opac
>> sides. Two config files for each site have also been created with
>> different names, appropriate paths, db info, permissions, etc. Web
>> server listens and responds on the assigned ports. <br>
>> <br>
>> I can watch both the koha and opac error logs and see where I fail,
>> which always appears to be in relation to C4::Context.&nbsp; With this, I
>> reviewed the Context.pm file and set the "use constant CONFIG_FNAME
>> =&gt; "/etc/koha.conf";" statement to "use constant CONFIG_FNAME =&gt;
>> "/etc/koha-2.conf";" (the name of my second config file). <br>
> In your httpd.conf
> For the second Koha do you have 
> SetEnv KOHA_CONF "/etc/koha-2.conf"
> Instead of 
> SetEnv KOHA_CONF "/etc/koha.conf"
> Chris

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