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Is there any facility to find out what variables are available to a
given template? I think that would be most helpful to template
developers. I tried doing something like that using Data::Dumper, but
the output I got was a mess.


On 6/23/07, Owen Leonard <oleonard at athenscounty.lib.oh.us> wrote:
> > >keep the original file in your home directory...
> > >and then simply use a copy in /var/www/koha/<whichever path is requires>/
> > >then after the upgrade copy the original back to the koha path.
> >
> > Yes, that is the trivial case: just replace the new files from the distro
> > with your templates.
> >
> > But what if (subtle) changes have been made to the templates in the new
> > version?
> This is an issue that continues to arise for folks who want to modify
> templates or develop their own. Currently, there is no simple way to track
> changes between versions with regards to the templates. The only reliable
> method is to diff the current and previous version of the standard template
> (default and npl /should/ always be up to date), and apply the relevant
> differences to your custom template.
> Anyone who is interested in developing their own custom template is welcome
> to contribute it to the project. This might be helpful because you could
> then use Koha's versioning system to manage the history and updates to your
> templates.
> It's my understanding that some large projects use a system wherein all
> pieces of translatable text are separated out from the template in a master variables
> list which can then be updated independently of the templates. Koha has a
> translation script which I suppose could also be used to alter terminology
> within the same language.
> Regardless, translation of strings is only one aspect of the template
> customization process. I think all web applications require a lot of care
> and attention on the part of template developers. There's just no simple
> way to automatically update a custom template to conform to changes to the
> scripts.
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