[Koha] What perl editor is best for Koha

Owen Leonard oleonard at athenscounty.lib.oh.us
Sat Jun 23 20:31:14 NZST 2007

> >keep the original file in your home directory...
> >and then simply use a copy in /var/www/koha/<whichever path is requires>/
> >then after the upgrade copy the original back to the koha path.
> Yes, that is the trivial case: just replace the new files from the distro
> with your templates.
> But what if (subtle) changes have been made to the templates in the new
> version?

This is an issue that continues to arise for folks who want to modify
templates or develop their own. Currently, there is no simple way to track
changes between versions with regards to the templates. The only reliable
method is to diff the current and previous version of the standard template
(default and npl /should/ always be up to date), and apply the relevant
differences to your custom template.

Anyone who is interested in developing their own custom template is welcome
to contribute it to the project. This might be helpful because you could
then use Koha's versioning system to manage the history and updates to your

It's my understanding that some large projects use a system wherein all
pieces of translatable text are separated out from the template in a master variables
list which can then be updated independently of the templates. Koha has a
translation script which I suppose could also be used to alter terminology
within the same language.

Regardless, translation of strings is only one aspect of the template
customization process. I think all web applications require a lot of care
and attention on the part of template developers. There's just no simple
way to automatically update a custom template to conform to changes to the

  -- Owen

Web Developer
Nelsonville Public Library

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