[Koha] What perl editor is best for Koha

Henri-Damien LAURENT laurenthdl at alinto.com
Fri Jun 22 02:51:53 NZST 2007

Mulu Gebreegziabher a écrit :
> Let me rephrase my question.
> I want NPL or the default templates of OPAC (OPAC home page) to change
> its background color, add background pictures, add other menus and
> logs to look and feel like our parent organization web page.  Is it
> possible to modify with the help of some sort of editor?
You can modify templates in opac-html/css (or npl depending ont your
with your favorite HTML editor (dreamweaver or anything else....)
And edit a css from default one and use it in system preferences (prefer
to have it as url rather than putting it in the Koha dirs, since koha
dirs are changed on every upgrade)

> Regards,
> Mulu G.
Hope that helps.
Henri-Damien LAURENT

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