[Koha] Koha in Peru

Luis Maguina Silva lmaguina at pucp.edu.pe
Mon Jun 18 03:44:01 NZST 2007

Hello community:
My name is Luis Maguiña. I\'m a librarian and GNU/Linux user. I work at San
Marcos University (Peru, South America).
We began a project. The aim: change ILS that we use actually, because we have
many problems with it.
We had tests and we decided use Koha. I began the project in 2006 (October).
Humanities Faculty use Koha for catalogue, step by step we want use other modules.

I want to collaborate with Koha, I think it\'s the major manner that we can give
back to community by a gift and improve koha.

I\'m a librarian, I use Debian GNU/Linux and I know Perl, PHP, Java. I work with
computers and use GNU/Linux since 1993.

Luis Maguiña
Linux user number 386737
No compres productos con DRM (Digital Rights Management), ni procesadores con
TPM (Trusted Platform Module).... La información debe fluir

Si desea recibir, semanalmente, el Boletín Electrónico de la PUCP, ingrese a:

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