[Koha] Reserves problem

Jethro Carr jethro.carr at prophecy.net.nz
Thu Jun 7 11:43:57 NZST 2007

hi all,

I have a problem with a Koha 2.2.8 - when I log into the opac-user.pl  
page, I get an internal server error.

When I looked into the error log, I found the following:

HTML::Template->output() : fatal error in loop output :
HTML::Template::param() : attempt to set parameter 'reserves' with an  
array ref - parameter is not a TMPL_LOOP! at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/ 
5.8.8/HTML/Template.pm line 3069, referer: http://xxxxx:8000/cgi-bin/ 
[Wed May 30 22:35:44 2007] [error] [client XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX] at /usr/ 
local/koha/opac/cgi-bin/opac-user.pl line 160, referer: http://xxxxx: 
[Wed May 30 22:35:44 2007] [error] [client XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX] Premature  
end of script headers: opac-user.pl, referer: http://xxxxx:8000/cgi- 

When I looked into the /usr/local/koha/opac/opac-user.pl file, I  
found I can prevent the errors if I comment out line 123. This then  
allows me to logon, but not view any reserves for the user.
123 #$template->param(RESERVES => $reserves);

Anyone come across this problem, or have any suggestions for me? It  
appears to be a software bug in Koha, but if that was the case, I  
would have expected other people to have found it as well....

Koha is installed on a CentOS/RHEL 5 server.

Jethro Carr

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