[Koha] entering book order into koha 2.2.3

jimmie jsulliva at winonacotter.org
Wed Jun 6 04:28:43 NZST 2007

I have a book order from Mackin Books. 
The order has all the info for the books on a CD. 
The company 
puts our school library's individual barcode on the back of each book. 
I want to enter the whole order into 
koha. It worked on our Winnebago software. 
I can scan the school's barcode on the back of the book intoo 
the winnebago system and all he info comes up. 
By the way, the regular librarian is away for a year. 
He is a 
chaplain in the US Navy Reserve. 
I am just filling in until he gets back. I have never done this before.

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