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Sandra Brook sandrangis at gmail.com
Fri Jun 1 20:12:09 NZST 2007

Hi..it's Sandra again (KOHA 2.2.5 user)...David, Jason and Thomas...thanks
for your suggestions on exporting the data..I'm sure they're all possible
and would work.....but our IT have not been able to come up with the
requested table :(. The data they have extracted is jumbled and incomplete.
>From our 4000 biblio records we have only 1750 titles, (and actually with
matching author in adjoining colomn), but without matching barcodes,
classification and pricing of the almost 8000 items, they're in separate
colomns elsewhere on the 1000 page excel sheet. Our IT have asked me to give
step by step instructions on how to export the requested data: the data I
wanted on the table is (exactly as in the email I wrote to out IT) :

Information to include in library inventory Excel or Access database, Excel
format is the easiest for us to use.

Title:                          Tab 1 *245a*

Author:                      Tab 0 *100a    * or         Tab1   245c

Classification:           Tab0   082a    or        Tab5    *942k*

Price:                         from *Item Price*

Barcode:                   Tab0   082b or             Tab5  942a
or       from *Item Barcode*

One other fields that it would be useful for you to include is:

Itemtype:      Tab 5  *942c*

The bold type indicates the preferred source for information, many thanks in

Failing step-by-step instructions on how to extract this information what
are the alternatives within the system for an efficient stocktaking? I've
not been able to find anything about this subject in help documentation. Our
accounting has also requested a print list of our inventory - help please

Many thanks in advance

Sandra Brook

Cairo, Egypt
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