[Koha] Problem in addbiblio.pl in all versions of koha - Additional authors are not saved properly

Jogiraju TALLAPRAGADA library_mrec at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 22 17:28:51 NZDT 2007

Dear All,
  When a new record is created addbiblio.pl is inserting all multiple authors entered at tag 700 subfield 'a' in the additionalauthors table perfectly well, each in separate record duplicating the biblionumber. But when the record is updated using edit biblio only one of these multiple authors entered in the tag 700 of MARC 21 is retaind and the other authors are missing from the additionalauthors table. If a new author is added to the tag 700 that author alone figure in the additionalauthors field. Where as I am able to add modify Topical Terms with out loosing any entry and they are properly inserted/updated in the bibliosubjet table. 
  Can any body guide me as to how to rectify this error. I found this happen in koha 2.2.7 version also, both in Linux and Windows version.
  With regards,

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