[Koha] running Koha on a dedicated computer?

H Lee hl_yg01 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 16 11:37:04 NZDT 2007

  We've got a question that I hope can be answered here. We're currently running 
  Koha on a Debian Linux PC. This PC is dedicated for patron use in the Library
  and is usually unattended most of the time.
  The problem we're having is that kids are constantly using this machine for playing 
  games and web surfing. I'd like to lock down this PC so that it is used only for Koha. 
  I've tried firewall rules to prevent general web browsing but apparently this can be 
  defeated (how they do it I don't know). I've tried deleting the games links in the Linux 
  desktop start menu but there is always the Terminal window that can be opened up
  to run programs.
  How can I set up this dedicated PC so that it can ONLY run Koha? This would mean 
  disabling all options to execute everything other than Koha (via the web browser) and the 
  option to log off/shut down/restart.
  Ideally, what I would like is to have a default user profile in Linux that, when logged in, 
  would only allow Koha to run and nothing else. I could envision this as no icons on 
  the Desktop or Panels and nothing in the Start menu except the Log Out or Shutdown
  choices. Koha would automatically start up on the web browser when this login profile 
  is started. If I can get a user profile to do this, then I can have another user profile for 
  Library staff to use that has a "normal" Linux desktop.
  Has anyone done this sort of thing in Linux? I'm willing to move to another distro if
  it is available elsewhere.
  I've also heard from a few years back that Linux firewalls (I am using GuardDog) cannot 
  have user-specific profiles as Linux only supported a single firewall profile for all users. 
  Has this situation changed more recent releases of Linux?
  Thanks for your help,

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