[Koha] It is possible install Koha on Debian Etch?

Jason Ronallo jronallo at gmail.com
Sat Feb 17 03:01:57 NZDT 2007

If you can wait, then let 2.2.8 get released if the developers say
that mysql-5 will work. That will be the easiest way forward.

I used apt-pinning to get Koha 2.2.7 working under Etch with
mysql-server-4.1. Koha has worked well for me so far. The big problem
with this approach is that it'd be difficult to install packages like
kbarcode which depend on the more recent mysql and a host of kde

But if you're impatient the following might be of some help. Proceed
at your own risk.

Here's the contents of my /etc/apt/preferences file:

Package: mysql-server-4.1
Pin: version 4.1.11a-4sarge7
Pin-Priority: 1001

Package: mysql-client-4.1
Pin: version 4.1.11a-4sarge7
Pin-Priority: 1001

Package: libdbd-mysql-perl
Pin: version 2.9006-1
Pin-Priority: 1001

I added sarge repositories, updated and then:
#apt-get -t stable install mysql-server-4.1
This should install mysql-server-4.1 and dependencies from stable in
as far as it is possible before using another repository to resolve
Then I commented out the stable repository and updated again.

Whatever you choose: good luck.


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