[Koha] tmpl_process3.pl script not running on Windows

Serhij Dubyk / Сергій Дубик dubyk at library.lviv.ua
Thu Feb 8 12:13:30 NZDT 2007

>  I'm trying to run the tmpl_process3.pl script on windows environmnet but
> it
> is giving error. Could any body plz tell me whether this scripts run on
> windows platform or not.
It running for me but script slightly modified:
#my $xgettext = './xgettext.pl';
my $xgettext = 'xgettext.pl';
(and small add for utf-8, if need I send)

Locale::PO also needed.
And Win32 binaries of GNU gettext-tools 0.13.1 installed (this one only
needed for creating clear po-files).

 For getting english_clear_opac_css.po used next command:
perl tmpl_process3.pl create -r -i ../../../opac-html/opac-tmpl/css/en/ -s

 For building templates used:
mkdir ..\..\..\opac-html\opac-tmpl\css\uk
perl tmpl_process3.pl install -o ..\..\..\opac-html\opac-tmpl\css\uk\ -s
..\..\..\..\css_opac_uk_UA\css_opac_uk_UA.po  -i
..\..\..\opac-html\opac-tmpl\css\en\ -r
and manually copied some ommited files (images, js, ...)

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