[Koha] Trouble with MySQL, DBI/DBD::mysql

Chris Cormack chris at katipo.co.nz
Wed Feb 7 20:12:42 NZDT 2007

Vincent Danjean wrote:

> IMHO, you probably has to upgrade php[45]-mysql. When using apt-cache to
> look at php4-mysql, I can see that sarge version is still linked with
> libmysqlclient12 whereas etch/sid is linked with new libmysqlclient15off :
Vincent is on the right track it is the passwords. But upgrading PHP 
wont help, as Koha is written in perl.

What I think needs to be done is to set the password using the 

This is talked about here

Either that, or try upgrading the DBD::MySQL perl module, perhaps try 
that first.

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