[Koha] Cleaning characters from isbn data

Bigwood, David bigwood at lpi.usra.edu
Fri Feb 2 09:05:32 NZDT 2007


Cataloging standards allow the inclusion of the qualifiers at the end of
the 020 field. It allows a person to distinguish between paperback, hard
cover, and all the other variations that would produce a different ISBN.

Koha should not be adding the dashes back into the ISBN. For one thing,
it does not know where to put them. An ISBN search should be exact match
with right truncation. That way the descriptive text can stay and still
not mess up a search.

David Bigwood
bigwood at lpi.usra.edu
Lunar & planetary Institute
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Hi All,
I've imported my data using bulkmarcimport.pl and it looks as though the
old system/librarian has added some garbage characters to the end of the
isbn number.  Nothing too serious but it means that the majority of the
book searches fail.

An example of a isbn:  0-958760-497 (pbk.-)

Unfortunatly the characters arent all the same so a simple find and
replace on the 4000+ records isn't going to do the trick.  

Its obvious that Koha already does some conversion on the isbn (since
the "-" symbols weren't in there before) and I'm wondering where it does
this, so that I can add some code to clean garbage characters (i'm
thinking that removal of characters after a space is detected should do
the trick) or if anyone has done something like this before?

Great system by the way.


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