[Koha] Re: Using Koha for photo archive

Doug Dearden dearden at sarsf.org
Fri Dec 14 08:12:49 NZDT 2007

Galen Charlton <galen.charlton at ...> writes:

> One approach would be to store your image files on your web server.
> When you catalog each image, you can create an 856 field that links to
> each version, e.g.,
> 856 $uhttp://yourwebserver.org/images/image-abc.jpg
> 856 $uhttp://yourwebserver.org/images/image-abc.tiff
> Regards,
> Galen

Hi Galen,

Thanks for the suggestion, a couple of other people emailed me with the same
one.  I've been pulled off to another project for now but will try this after
the new year and post my results.  This looks like the solution.



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