[Koha] problems in setting Koha 2.2.8 on windows

Phil Lathroum plathroum at cardinalshehanschool.org
Thu Dec 13 02:18:03 NZDT 2007

I have it running on a windows box here...
What files do you want/need?

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You suceed with installation. I was not able to do it regarding some  
errors I received on instalation.
If someone with a clean instalation could send Configuration files  
(APACHE, PERL, MYSQL) it would help  a lot of people.
I srtong believe that if windows instalation becomes easier a lot more  
of users will begin installing and running KOHA wich can be a very  
good growth of  this project.



Citando Suhasini <desh_sus at yahoo.co.in>:

> Dear all
> I Installed koha2.2.8 with correct virsion of prerquisite software. I 
> am having problems in setting 1. Authorised valu Admin ,I am neither 
> able to add value nor add category. 2.MARC tag structure admin for 
> default MARC framework starts with 010 tag
>     There is no details of tag available ex 000 .I am not able to view

> subfields. It gives Internal Server error 3.MARC Checks shows 
> following error which I am not able to understand.
> Test Result
> OK itemnum : the field itemnumber is mapped to a field in tab -1 item 
> fields ALL items fields MUST :
> be mapped to the same tag,
> and they must all be in the 10 (items) tab
> OK Only 1 MARC tag mapped to items
> OK biblioitems.itemtype defined
> OK itemtypes defined
> OK homebranch defined
> OK holdingbranch defined
> OK biblionumber and biblioitemnumber mapped correctly
> OK no NULL value in frameworkcode
> TOTAL You have 1 error(s) in your MARC configuration. Please fix them 
> before using Koha
> Is it a bug or there is a mistake form my side. Please Help me and 
> guide me in detail. Suggesstions are welcome.
> Yours truly
> Mrs. S. Deshmukh
> Librarian
> Nahre Campus
> Pune
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