[Koha] Re: Patron Fines List

Darrell Ulm drdrulm at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 4 07:13:49 NZDT 2007

Pauley <pdavis at ...> writes:

> Hello;
> I am looking for a Patrons Fines Report.  I am trying Kyle Hall's from
> KohaReports but I am having some problems with it looping through some
> patrons twice or placing the previous fine from a overdue returned book on a
> book that is not due or has not been returned.  I am willing to work on it,
> but it would be good to have something that works now.

I have some code which is pretty rough, but it does this. I was hoping to do a
rewrite of the code (based on Kyle's) but it may be a month or 2 more. It will
do paper as well as Excel format (comma delimited). I am hoping by February.

Darrell Ulm

> Thanks for your assistance.  We are really enjoying Koha but need a good way
> to print out fines due (amountoutstanding) lists for our K-12 schools.
> Paul Davis
> Lynden Christian Schools
> Lynden, WA
> www.lyncs.org

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