[Koha] Re: koha3 install

Darrell Ulm drdrulm at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 4 07:04:42 NZDT 2007

MJ Ray <mjr at ...> writes:

> "Stephanie Lilley" <lilleys at ...> wrote:
> > Where is the code depository for KOHA?
> git.koha.org (See also "Development" and "Koha Dev with Git" on
> http://www.koha.org/ before starting.)
> > I'd like to try version 3.
> If you do that now, expect to spend some time bug-hunting.  Only a
> pre-3.0 developer edition is available so far TTBOMK.

OK, that explains it. I tried for about a day, it was very close, but after I
finally got all the Perl modules to install and got a good build (no errors on
any install)...the only 2 problems were

1. Directories for apache2 are not correct, both the templates *and* CGI
2. The Zebra had an error (expecting :) 

Other than that it is really close, no I can sync my directory and keep trying
as at least the Perl mods are ready to go.

I could hand edit the directory paths...as for the Zebra error ??!?!?

Darrell Ulm

> > Are there instructions for install?
> Partial.  The installation is still being bugfixed.
> Good luck!

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