[Koha] Date problems adding new members]

Kevin O'Rourke lists at caboose.org.uk
Mon Apr 30 21:20:26 NZST 2007

I'm suffering from this same problem. V2.2.8, NPL templates.

Rob Weir wrote:
> I tried the suggested patch and still have the same problem. In 
> V2.2.8, when adding a new member, if I leave the joining and expiry 
> date fields blank, I don't get any dates.
> If I swap date.pm back to the 2.2.7 version that uses DateManip, I get 
> the expected behavior of today's date for the dateenrolled field and a 
> auto-calculated date a year later for the expiry field.
> Will I break anything else if I just run with the 2.2.7 date.pm for 
> now? Or can anyone suggest a fix for the new version? I tried to find 
> the block of code that is processing these two dates, and could not. I 
> have v5.4 of Date-Calc and v5.44 of DateManip installed.
Can anyone out there suggest whether it is OK to use the old version of 


Kevin O'Rourke
ICT Coordinator, National Teachers' Institute, Kaduna, Nigeria
062 316972

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