[Koha] Solaris/Zoom: Cannot get OPAC or Intranet to load

Tom Metzger tom at incolsa.net
Fri Apr 27 08:20:13 NZST 2007

On Apr 26, 2007, at 4:11 PM, Chris Cormack wrote:
> On 27/04/2007, at 6:19 AM, Tom Metzger wrote:
>> [Thu Apr 26 14:03:29 2007] [error] [client]  
>> read_config_file(/etc
>> /koha.conf) returned undef at /usr/local/koha/intranet/modules/C4/ 
>> Context.pm lin
>> e 229.
> Hi Tom
> This is the salient error, /etc/koha.conf needs to be readable by  
> the user apache is running as
> Chris

Thanks Chris.  You were right.  We have 2 different Apaches on that  
machine and the installer set the ownership of koha.conf to the wrong  
Apache.  Fixing that fixed the problem.


Tom Metzger
INCOLSA Systems Administrator
            Sometimes you have to stride boldly up to Life,
              look it straight in the eye, and say "huh?"

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