[Koha] opac not showing REAL info...

Huck dhuckaby at paasda.org
Thu Apr 26 04:05:11 NZST 2007

A new question arose, as I was looking at the z39.50 problem(solved 
thanks to Mike pointing out that the NPL template didn't work)...

all of a sudden when I do a search from the opac page I get 'No Title' 
listed in the Summary column, Item Type is blank as is Location and Item 
Count says 0, for 225 "hits" that the search found. There was 
information on Monday when I was demo-ing the opac search site for 
another library...

That is very disconcerting as I KNOW there are 6500+ records in their as 
of Monday and were returning properly in the search!

any ideas?

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