[Koha] installer database error

Andrew Seguin asegu at borgtech.ca
Wed Apr 25 06:30:41 NZST 2007

> It means the kohaadmin password hasn't been site correctly.  I'm not
> sure whose fault that is.  Did the password contain any shell special
> characters (!$ quotes and a few others)?  If so, it's the installer
> being broken.

I also experienced problems with installing Koha 2.2.8 last week (FreeBSD
6.2/MySQL 4.1/Perl 5.8). I gave up in the end (I never used anything other
then alphanumeric characters) trying to figure out why the password was
not working. In the end, I made the following changes (oh not so good for
real production environments though!)

Line 1803: I commented it out; system("$mysqldir/bin/mysql '-u$mysqluser'
... so that becomes #system...
After line 1803, I inserted two lines:

This way, the system installed with the mysql 'root' user and the password.

> The installer is currently being rewritten (cue cheers) but I have hit
> a problem that I've yet to email to koha-devel (boo!).  While I'm
> writing here: does anyone know a complicated (one with extra modules)
> perl web application with a particularly good installation?

My personal favorite installer for a web based application is for Typo3
(Sorry, not perl - php) ... You copy it to a folder, and the remainder is
done via the web.

You could maybe however consider some way with simple menus, and/or a
chance to review the options given in the end before commiting everything.

As somebody else wrote, I second the idea of being able to stop it with

Looking forward to working more with Koha!

Andrew Seguin

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