[Koha] Date problems adding new members

Cindy Murdock cmurdock at ccfls.org
Wed Apr 25 03:49:39 NZST 2007

Do you have Date::Calc and/or Date::Manip installed on your system?  I'm 
not sure which 2.2.8 uses, but I think rel_2_2 was transitioned to 
Date::Calc after 2.2.8 was released.


Mike Dalgity wrote:
> Can anyone else confirm or refute this issue with their install of Koha
> 2.2.8?
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> On a new Koha 2.2.8 using either the default or npl templates and adding a
> new member leaving the joining and expiry date fields blank results in no
> date being inserted.  Also when manually entering the joining date the
> expiry date is still not auto calculated.  I checked liblime's demo and it
> works there.  Can someone point me to the section of code that's supposed to
> do this?  I've looked at memberentry.tmpl for both templates and
> memberentry.pl and am having difficulty following what the code is doing.
> There's also nothing in the error log.
> Thanks,
> Mike D.

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