[Koha] Fw: From CDS/ISIS to Koha

Radoslav Kolev radoslav at kolev.info
Thu Apr 12 18:22:31 NZST 2007

On 4/10/07, Danica Zendulková <zendulkova at cvtisr.sk> wrote:
>  Hello Rado,
> it seems that our problem concerns of leader. We tried to import three
> versions of data different by codage: Latin2 (852), Win1250 and UTF8. Our
> record has been imported to Koha correctly (into correct fields and
> subfields) but in incorrect diacritics. .iso file is following:
> 003800000a00001690004500001001100000200001800011200005100029200000300080100001900083700001900102210002900121205001300150215001000163910001200173005000900185010001600194
> a
00aĽudské telo
00aVzrušujúci pohľad dovnútra ľudského
> tela
00aAbrahams Peter
> Peter
> s.

> This record is displayed in Koha:
> 200 - a Title Proper ĽudskØ telo
> 200 - a Title Proper Vzrušujúci pohľad dovnútra ľudskØho tela
> 205 - a Edition Statement [1.vyd.]
> 210 - a Place of Publication, Distribution, etc. Bratislava
>          c Name of Publisher, Distributor, etc. Junior
>          d Data of Publication, Distribution, etc. 1994

From this output I would guess that the encoding you use for webpages is set
to iso-8859-1.  From the Koha Intranet interface go to the
Parameters->System Preferences page. The select the Intranet tab. There is a
setting for "Template encoding".  What is this value in your installation?
It should be set to utf-8.

Also the encodings for mysql tables should be set to utf8 too.

The record you have included above looks good to me.  I imported it in my
test Koha setup and the diacritics display fine.

We tried to place "a" to field 1  (005384XXxa) where first 6  positions is
> MFN. Then we manually replaced zero "0" from position 10 of record by
> "a": 003800000a . But imported data are still displayed with incorrect
> diacritics. Diacritics of record is UTF8, export file iso 2709 was made by
> Winisis, record is written in UNIMARC...
> What is wrong? Please help.

Please, keep the posts in the Koha mailing list.  This way you have better
chance to get an answer - someone besides me may be able to address your
question.  Also the lists are archived so in the future someone may find
this discussion useful.

Best regards,
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