[Koha] From CDS/ISIS to Koha

Ernesto Silva silva at ort.edu.uy
Fri Apr 6 03:16:59 NZST 2007

Hi Danica,
    I'm not a  librarian. I had your problem 2 or 3 years ago. The main 
issue is to map the CDS/ISIS content to MARC records, that is not a 
programmers problem, it's a librarians problem. You must make the record 
mapping "in paper" first, then you can make a program to "translate" 
your CDS/ISIS records to MARC. We made the program in perl, the native 
Koha native programming language.

As I understand the meaning of CDS/ISIS records is probably in CEPAL 
format and there is not a 1 to 1 mapping between CPAL and MARC.


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Danica Zendulková wrote:

> Hello,
> has had anybody an experience with conversion from CDS/ISIS database 
> to Koha?
> We have following problem: import from iso2709 from WinISIS doesn't 
> made correct records. Number of imported records is correct but 
> differents fields are not recognized correctly. I.e. first numbers of  
> iso record: 008620000000002650004500003000500... etc are considered as 
> field. It is possible that Koha does not recognize ^ indicator of 
> subfield when CDS/ISIS database is made on Windows? Our Koha runs on 
> Linux.
> Please help!
> Please would you kindly send your ideas to: zendulkova at cvtisr.sk 
> <mailto:zendulkova at cvtisr.sk>
> Regards
> Ing. Danica Zendulková
> Slovak Republic
> e-mail: zendulkova at cvtisr.sk <mailto:zendulkova at cvtisr.sk>
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