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I keep making more mistakes. Meant to send this to
koha at lists.katipo.co.nz. Sorry again. Mark 

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Reposting, because I think I made an error in the manner in which I
posted it previously. Sorry.

I'm trying to understand the relationship between the document "Updating
KOHA" and the document "Installing and Configuring KOHA's Zebra Plugin."
Following a fresh install of 2.2.8, I seem to have successfully
implemented the instructions in "Updating KOHA." At least the interfaces
come up. (I have inserted only one record into the database at this
point; intranet db searching is fine, opac errors out in search iface
but not a great concern at this point.) Comments: In "Updating KOHA"
p.4, it would be helpful to clarify that $KOHA_WORKING_DIR ends up being
$KOHA_WORKING_DIR/koha for the purpose of the symbolic links--or at
least it did for me.

Assuming I did get that right (I used MC to match contents of
directories before executing ln -s in each case), I now want to "Install
and Configure KOHA's Zebra Plugin." I've figured out the instructions up
to _Prepare the Filesystem_, but now, stuck. I can't figure out if I am
supposed to ditch all the symlinks I just created for cvs rel_2_2 in
favor of dev_week. I have downloaded both into separate directories, but
it looks like linking dev_week into /koha will overlap with rel_2_2
links. Should I just eliminate the rel_2_2 links and replace with the




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