[Koha] Is there an efficient way to manage the MARC frameworks? (User from China)

Hero_xbd!.RRR heroxbd at 126.com
Mon Apr 2 14:21:57 NZST 2007

Hello, everybody,

I am a undergraduate and currently leading a project upgrading the
library of our department from card-category to an ILS using Koha-2.2.8
on Debian. All the installation seem successful. Koha is friendly enough
to install :)

Now I come to stage of modifying the MARC framework.

Our library is small (of about 12000 books).
I want to use the MARC format (opposed to Traditional Koha way, as
mentioned in the manual) to get more features and export book lists. At
the same time I don't want to mess up with all the fields in the default
framework (we are inputting records by hand, we want only keep 7-8
fields at the beginning). So I begin to add a new framework cloned from
'default' and delete the unwanted tags, and found it really
time-consuming. Is there a way to delete several tags at one attempt? Or
can I create an empty framework and add tags from scratch? Or can I
import a more simplified framework (like the ones in the demo site on

Another Question:

I would like to call for the students around me to join in the project.
There may be 100 people involved. I want to keep track of who inputed
how many records, and export a rank list for reports to the department
authority. What should I do to achieve this goal? And there will be a
great pain to add people one by one. Is there a good way to authorize,
e.g. using students' ID as both user/password and keep track?

Thanks in advance!


Xu Benda

Fundamental Science of Mathematics and Physics,
Tsinghua University, Beijing, P.R.China, 100084


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