[Koha] Biblio default tag display

Henri-Damien LAURENT laurenthdl at alinto.com
Thu Dec 1 21:53:29 NZDT 2005

Thomas D a écrit :

>[Message included this time.]
>Assuming that your biblioframework is still the default one.  The following
>two SQL statements should set 050 to visible if you log into your Koha
>database in MySQL.
>UPDATE marc_subfield_structure SET hidden = "0" WHERE tagfield  = "050" AND
>tagsubfield  = "a";
>UPDATE marc_subfield_structure SET hidden = "0" WHERE tagfield  = "050" AND
>tagsubfield  = "b";
>I have no clue about the Windows specific bug that would prevent the Koha
>web form from operating correctly.
sorry to come up like a devil in a box. But I think you have forgotten
to set Tab to a value that would be between 0 and 9, 10 beeing the items
So your query should be

UPDATE marc_subfield_structure SET hidden = "0", tab='0' WHERE tagfield 
  = "050" AND
tagsubfield  = "a";

note the tab='0', to make it displayed on first tab both in addbiblio.pl
and MARCdetail.pl (if the field exists.
I don't have any Koha installed on  Windows at the moment, so I can't
reproduce the bug.
But I will soon have to do this, and the bug will be inquired.
Henri-Damien LAURENT

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