[Koha] importing marc

Christopher M. Jones cjones at partialflow.com
Fri Apr 8 01:02:06 NZST 2005

I imported a file using Koha's import MARC facility this
afternoon. I noticed a few things.

First, my marc file contains an 852 field for barcodes. I
had hoped that Koha would use these barcodes to put items
into the catalog, but it didn't.

Second, records for items that were already in the catalog
were not overwritten by records in the imported file. 

The marc records are incomplete in some places, for instance

=852  01
accession number>$cMain/Fiction/other$e3600 Desire Parkway,
New Orleans, LA 70126, USA $h classif part AX### $i item
part .### $k call no prefix $m call no suffix

Is this preventing me from getting what I want? Is there
another way to achieve the opposite of the above two
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