[Koha] How to use Item callnumbers and Branch categories

Stephen Hedges shedges at skemotah.com
Sun Jan 2 05:49:44 NZDT 2005

Giuseppe.Angilella at ct.infn.it said:
> 2) I spent some time to define appropriate "branch categories" for a given
> "branch" (from the Parameters menu in the Administrator interface), but I
> don't see any place where they can be used to classify a biblioitem.

I have to admit, I don't understand how a branch category relates in any
way to bibliographic information.  "Branch category" defines the
relationship between your library buildings  (i.e. Main Library, Branch
Library, Mobile Library).  I can't see any way that such information could
affect the bibliographic information about your books.  (I assume that the
bibliographic record for book "A" is the same regardless of which library
owns it, right?  It has the same author, the same subject headings, the
same title regardless of where it is.)  Am I missing some connection here?

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