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Thu Nov 17 10:58:26 NZDT 2005

001 defined (and had forgot to try to add them myself when mucking about),
hence ...

* Question 2: What is the relationship of the MARC record data within Koha?

[Specifically, for the moment] what does Koha actually do with the
information in the fixed-length fields if anything?

 (BTW the current connection in the 003 test drive is wrong according to
what I was taught/have seen).

 I had thought that Koha cataloguing could be worked without reference to
the underlying database. If not, (follow-up questions): how do we connect
all the potential MARC fields to whatever [and however many] fields are in
the core of the Koha database? [How does Koha deal with fields that can
repeat in MARC, for 2 common examples, 500 notes and 650 subject headings?]
Does Koha just turf info that doesn't fit into those, i.e. are records
deconstructed and fields lost once imported?

 Devolving from this worry about MARC cataloguing and the integrity of
records within the database (again: important for sharing and any future
migrations), I realised I had never seen an answer to a rather
straightforward OPAC matter, thus:

 * Question 3: What is the correspondence between the MARC structure and the
actual records displayed in the Koha OPAC?

 I have to try to explain what I mean by analogy.

 The systems I am most familiar with (TKM MicroCat, Athena, Voyager) allow
the library administrator/s to decide how to display information retrieved
by OPAC searches. Librarians assumed a default non-MARC record display
(which is almost certainly right [in that who other than a librarian would
want that format]) and the systems allowed decisions to be made about which
fields to display, which to suppress, and in what order elements from tags
should appear, and (with 2 of the systems), the label that would appear for
the user beside the information (e.g. Author(s):, Title:, etc.).

For that matter ...

* Question 4: How/Where does one set which MARC fields one wants searchable
for a given search type? Is this adjustable?

Just a few 'light' questions. ;-)  Any and all answers appreciated (good
ones, especially so ;-) ).

Steven F. Baljkas
library tech at large
Koha neophyte
Winnipeg, MB, Canada

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