[Koha] Re: [Koha-devel] suggestion module

Paul POULAIN paul.poulain at free.fr
Thu Jun 24 03:18:44 NZST 2004

Bigwood, David a écrit :

>The suggestion module looks a lot like an interlibrary loan request form to me, especially the document request. Looking at some open source projects working with ILL might be a good idea. If not to grab bits of code maybe to get an idea of the fields and look. If something was standards compliant so much the better.
>OpneRequest http://sourceforge.net/projects/openrequest/ might be worth a look.
>ILL Wizard http://library.olivet.edu/opensource/iso-ill.html is another.
Is there something I don't understand ? The suggestion module is NOT an ill.
It's a feature for a borrower/user that will enable him to "suggest" a 
library a book to buy.

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