[Koha] Barcode scanner - keyboard wedge or not

Waylon Robertson genjimoto at ezysurf.co.nz
Fri May 16 00:49:54 NZST 2003

15/05/03 20:17:38, "T & J Kotula" <tjkotula at paradise.net.nz> wrote:
Okay. If you have a serial port scanner.. one that plugs into the serial port, you will need to do the following initally:
Go into windows control panel (Start menu - Settings -- Control Panel) and go into Accessabilty options and goto the General tap. Toggle the SerialKeys Checkbox so its ticked, then go into options 
and set its baud rate, et. al. then click okay a number of times until your out of it... and close the control panel.

To input a barcode, you will need to put the cursor in the correct location. Depending on your setup, you may need to press enter on the keyboard afterwards.
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P.S. Would anyone be interested in perl code that creates a form letter for an individual, for overdue books? I.e, the overdue.pl says X borrower has 3 books overdue. You click alongside one, and it 
pops up with a letter with their current address, city, email, the current date, "You have these books overdue:" and underneath that, has the book name, author and due date for each.. then, at the 
end says "You will incurr a fine of " <overdue fine> "for each day these books are overdue. 
Signed ....................................."
Ive done this code.. so if anyones interested.. i might analysis the new template system, and see if i can create it.

>Thanks for that info. Actually that's exactly what I'm going to do, have a
>Linux server and Windoze client(s). What do you mean by "accessibility
>control panel and serial keys"?
>Once the scanner is working will I have to place the cursor on the 'book
>number' or 'member number' fields before I scan the barcode or can the
>scanner be programmed to input the scanned data into specific form fields,
>regardless of where the cursor is in the browser's window. It's a bit of a
>muddled sentence - I hope you know what I mean.
>Thanks for you reply
>tomasz kotula.
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>> Okay.. the easy solution is to use two computers.. one client, one server.
>server has linux and koha.. client has win98. Use the accessability control
>panel.. and enable serial keys.
>> the hard solution is try to get linux to accept serial ports as keyboards.
>> the easy solution for a linux system is indeed a keyboard wedge.
>> 14/05/03 20:02:10, "T & J Kotula" <tjkotula at paradise.net.nz> wrote:
>> >Excuse my ignorance on the subject, but do I need to use a 'keyboard
>> >scanner or can I just connect one to a serial (or USB) port and somehow
>> >expect it to work with Koha - with the help of some software I assume, if
>> >which one. I will appreciate any hints on how to get the scanner working.
>> >
>> >I haven't bought one yet, but want to make sure I will get the right one
>> >
>> >PS. I intend to use Code39 and a 7-digit book number with a checksum (an
>> >excel spreadsheet with a formula was recently posted on this list)
>> >PPS. Eagerly awaiting Koha 2.0
>> >
>> >
>> >Thanks
>> >
>> >tomasz kotula
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