[Koha] Introductions and spin-offs

Roger Ritter Consulting consult at rogerritter.com
Mon Feb 17 15:37:31 NZDT 2003

Hi, all.

I also found out about Koha from the Linux Journal article.  I'm 
donating my time as a web designer and computer consultant to a small 
air museum starting up in central Texas, and would also like to use Koha 
to manage the museum collection, as well as their library.  Once I'm a 
bit more familiar with Koha, I'll be happy to help develop such a module.


Trevor Jenkins wrote:

>Like many others recently I came across Koha as a result of the article in
>February 2003 Linux Journal. Whilst I have library catalogue issues with
>all the books, journals, papers, CDs, CD-ROMs, DVDs, videos and such in my
>study (aka home) the article was more of a provocation to thinking about
>other applications. A similar market sector to library automation is
>museum inventory systems; they're not identical but enough synergy exists
>that many of the proprietary library systems have museum modules. Also
>there is additional stimulus as my wife works for one the national museums
>here in Great Britain. The stories she tells me of the inflexibilty of
>their in-house system would turn your stomach.
>So since the publication of the LJ paper I've been musing on how Koha
>might be used as a base for a museum system. For the last 30 years my role
>has been programmer/consultant of text retrieval systems. A cross industry
>product that I've deployed in research libraries and museums. Including a
>recent bid to a museum-come-library for cataloguing and loan management of
>a non-book collection.
>Wonder whether there is any interest from others in such a museums module?
>Regards, Trevor
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