[Koha] Install Steps for RedHat 7.x

Olugbenga Adara gbengaadara at yahoo.com
Sat May 18 05:57:30 NZST 2002

Hello all,

Please can someone help me out with a step by step
guide on how to install koha on RedHAt 7.1. The
install file that came with the Koha distibution
leaves me confused. For instance i could not get
apache to run the perl files as it says the document
is not found. I have successfully setup the database
in mysql and imported the koha.mysql into it. 

However I run into problems when setting up apache.
Also i discover that there is no where in the install
file which states where one should copy the other perl
files in the scripts directory.

For information, i am trying to evaluate koha before
recommending it to a university here in nigeria.

Olugbenga Adara

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