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Rosalie Blake rosalie at library.org.nz
Thu May 16 09:15:09 NZST 2002

On 14 May 2002, at 21:24, Alan Millar wrote:

> It seems common to me for libraries to have a "paperback" collection
> separate from the main stacks, but also to have plenty of books in the
> main stacks with paperback bindings.  I'd like something to store the
> binding separately from the collection, but it looks like item type is
> the only thing at the moment.  Any suggestions?  
We use itemtype as an indicator to the actual physical location of an 
item in the library (as well as the key to other variables, like loan 
length, charges etc) - so if the paperbacks are shelved separately, 
we give them a separate item type.
> Fiction is an interesting one.  Take a cartoon book like "Calvin and
> Hobbes".  At one library near me it is in the fiction section with no
> Dewey number, at another one it is in the non-fiction section under
> 741.5.  The Library of Congress lists it as 741.5, but I sure would
> consider it fiction.  Is this a common problem?

Yep, sure is. I agree with you - it's not about how to draw, which is 
what 741.5 is for. We've classed it at 827, which is wit and humour - 
but only because we don't have a suitable spot for it in the fiction 

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