[Koha] how to administer some tables + (small) bug in distro

Zeki Celikbas celikbas at itu.edu.tr
Tue Feb 12 23:23:37 NZDT 2002

I've been using MySql-Front to manage data on MySQL from windows. 
It's very fast and very useful and of course freeware the homepage is 
at : 


> I begin to play a little deeper with koha, and would like to know if
> there is a web interface (other than phpMyAdmin !) to administer the
> following tables : *aqbookfound *adbudget *branchcategories *branches
> *categories *currency *itemtypes *printers *stopwords
> *systempreferences *users Second bunch of questions : *what should the
> systemprefs table containt? It's empty *what is the user table used
> for/where ? *Is there somwhere a drawed schema of the DB (dependencies
> between tables ?)
> Last, a small bug in the sample database : it does'nt contain the
> systempref table. If you create the DB trough koha.mysql, it's
> created, but empty ;-(((
> Thanks
> --
> Paul
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Zeki Celikbas

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