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Steve, I will ramble some too.....
(think I will build the LINUX server this weekend)

I have spoken to several other libraries here in Arizona that are considering 
automating, they are not large library districts but one has two branches so 
sizable enough..... In my instance I could live without MARC loading and  
exporting  but I don't really want to.... In the case of the others libraries 
here they MUST have MARC. Has to do with interlibrary loans  and the Liberian 
went on to explain....

But in talking  with people, they want to use  something that adheres to 

Our library of course being a reference library never  inter library loans 
and we do not allow patrons to check things out even ... too much  that is 
not replaceable!

The reason We wish to have MARC is it is the standard, and if others wish to 
use records that we have generated through  original cataloging they will 
have them in the format that  they use.

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> On Wed, 23 May 2001, Chris Cormack wrote:
> > > we              may be at that point someday ... I guess the biggest 
> question 
> > > is  how to load the marc records into the database can you point me  
> > > somewhere for this?
> > > thanks for all the advise! And I love the way the software works....
> > > 
> > Ok Steve Tonnessen who is on this list has been working on this and I 
> think
> > he has a working marc importer running.
> > Ill cc him in this reply.
> I have a couple of schools who have been downloading marc records for
> their books and importing then one at a time.  They check my automatic
> conversion of the marc records and make whatever modifications they need.
> Since the site they have been getting marc records from is Canadian, they
> have needed to modify the ISBN to the canadian publication's ISBN in every
> case anyway.
> I've also started working on Z39.50 support.  Just signed the contract for
> access to the National Library of Canada's Z39.50 services today.  I've
> got a perl module called Zeta working for Z39.50 searches, but it only
> seems to return SUTRS format (unstructured text) and not MARC format
> results.  It seems that Net::Z3950 is a better module, but I haven't got
> it working yet.  Also the YAZ toolkit also has a perl-based Z39.50 server
> that would really be nice to tie into Koha.
> LCCN should not be just overwritten on the dewey field, it should have a
> new field created for it.  I guess the hitch with this is reworking the
> scripts for entering and editing books...
> Here comes some long rambling on my part...
> I think Koha really needs to be moved to a system that is at least partly
> based on Marc.  I think that the records for each bibliography should be
> in MARC format, and that changes can be made either to the Koha Mysql
> tables, or the underlying MARC records and changes will be made in both
> places.  The way that Koha stores records currently (broken into biblio
> and biblioitems) might make this a little difficult, but we could maybe
> associate particular MARC records with biblioitems, I guess, and then just
> have groups of MARC records associated with one biblio, as is done now.
> I'm thinking maybe about having one module that is used for modifying
> records.  Something like:
> modifybibitem($env, $bibitemnumber, "author=Doe, Jane");
> would change the author for biblioitem $bibitemnumber to Jane Doe.  The
> modifybibitem routine would be responsible for modifying both the MARC
> record, and the MySQL tables.
> This all gets a little tricky when you consider that the MARC record
> stores a fair amount more information than the MySQL tables, for example,
> if a particular MARC record has a subject added entry like:
> 650  a Extinct animals
>      x Encyclopedias, Juvenile.
> The corresponding entry in the MySQL bibliosubjects table would be:
>    Extinct animals -- Encyclopedias, Juvenile
> Now if I edit the bibliosubjects entry to read:
>    Extinct animals -- Encyclopedias
> It would be difficult to determine how to modify the MARC record
> automatically in a generic way.  If the entry was changed to:
>    Extinct animals -- dinosaurs
> It becomes even more difficult to incorporate the change back into the
> MARC record.
> I suppose the web interface could pop up a form saying something like,
> ---
> Need more information for MARC record modification: 
> 650   a Extinct animals
>      __ Encyclopedias
> ---
> with an 'x' as a suggestion for the text entry box.
> Steve Tonnesen
> Coast Mountains School District
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