[Koha] Cannot stage authority files in 22.11.

Raymund Delahunty r.delahunty at arts.ac.uk
Mon Sep 25 17:25:06 NZDT 2023

We moved from 21.11 to 22.11 recently and since then attempts to stage and import authority record have failed. We are using the LC-card-number index as the matchpoint and have tried changing the normalisation rule from None to Remove spaces but the stage still fails. We can stage without matching, but when we change the matchpoint afterwards to LC-card-number (auth 010$a) we receive an Error 500. We have also had a problem with diacritics in authority searches when using Zebra and on our test server this is solved using Elasticsearch which we are testing out. But ES has not resolved our auth staging problem. Any ideas?

Ray Delahunty
University of the Arts London

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