[Koha] Location fields

Charles Athey athey3 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 29 16:25:48 NZDT 2023

I am new to this list and am a retired software developer with 40+ years of experience.

I am a volunteer at the Sacramento FamilySearch Center. We have recently implemented Koha for our Center. We wanted a way to keep track of the PDF scans of the books we have that are not available online. Most are copy protected and we have scanned them for two reasons: 1) For preservation so that we can look at the PDF instead of having the book be handled by patrons as many are really old and 2) So we can easily search in the book as we have run OCR software on the PDFs, this greatly increases their usefulness for doing family history research. There is no access to our Koha or the PDFs outside of our physical center at this point. We are hoping to someday allow this but want to be very sure we do not violate any copyrights. We have all the books we have PDFs for.

I am hoping someone can explain to me how we the location fields are handled. Specifically, I have tried using the Koha->Marc mapping to map (c) to 952$c and also to 999$c but the location or permanent_location fields don’t get changed. Rather, the more_subfields_xml field gets written. I thought changing this field would modify the items.location field or permanent_location field. The Koha wiki, https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Holdings_data_fields_(9xx), says the items.location field should be written.

We are running Koha 23.05.05 <https://koha-community.org/> on Ubuntu 22.05LTS Server virtual machine. We have MariaDB and Apache2 also running on this same Ubuntu server.


Charles L. Athey III
Sacramento FamilySearch Center

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